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Private Eyes

It seems that my blog has caught the attention of a few people since it’s uploading, namely in the sector of disability lawyers. It also seems that I may have misrepresented myself a bit. This blog is not for the purposes of telling you how to catch people in a lie. In fact, a giant Continue Reading

The Sights To Be Seen

It has now been a few weeks since I posted my first blog concerning the surveillance systems and their effects on the world today. It has been getting both good and bad attention, and I figured it was mostly due to people not wanting to truly be aware of their position in today’s society. There Continue Reading

A Fly On The Wall

Throughout my years in running an industry that is all about knowing what’s going on at all times, it’s been an eye opening experience in some cases. Whether clients are looking for a nanny cam installed to keep an eye on their kids while they’re away, or individuals tired of losing their mailboxes need to Continue Reading